Monday, 11 January 2016

Channel Chanel

Why should we regard fashion as something important? Because we live our lives in it. Day in day out we wear clothes - and they help to define us. You can almost tell a someone's personality from their clothing; those who wear bold, authentic statements are probably going to be outgoing and confident; those with long maxi skirts, tie dye prints and feathers may take a hippy lifestyle; contrastingly those with band tees and a dark colour scheme could be into rock music, etc... It's amazing how the essence of what we wear helps create our very own identity, it can help shape who we want to be and allows us to connect with other people who may share a similar fashion sense or identity.

But the best thing about fashion is the playful flexibility we can endure. I can wake up one morning and wear skinny jeans and a band t-shirt and the next, I could wear a tight fitting dress with a silver necklace and heels. Fashion can never limit you - it's up to you how you use it. I've learnt that it's important to always look good - people are drawn to attractiveness and materialistic elements that look appealing to the eye - effort in general is attractive, and if you look like you've made an effort, you will probably look good. Your rooted style will show through in your clothes and your clothes are a mirror into you. For example, a person who dresses like a slob isn't going to attract the right kind of people. And this is why fashion is so important.

However, it's not only what you wear: it's how you wear it. I do not have a large amount of money and thus cannot afford to buy designer items or brands I wish to pursue. Like most teenagers, I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is not a problem though and here are some of my personal tips to help you achieve your ideal identity:

1) Have a role model. Or just admire the style of someone, it could be the designs of Pulitzer, or Quant, or Gucci, or Ralph Lauren - whoever interests you with the aspects they design. It doesn't have to be a fashion designer, it could be a model or celebrity that captures your eye: Tyra Banks, Kendall Jenner - anyone. Find someone who you look at and think "I like their style", but don't copy it - make it your own. Individuality is alluring and being confident enough to do something a little different is intriguing. Make yourself stand out the crowd a little with your fashion sense. Again, your style role model doesn't have to be someone famous, perhaps it could be your mum or best friend. Whoever inspires you to take a real interest in fashion. I've always been drawn to the beauty and class of Marilyn Monroe and the genre of vintage clothing is a particular favourite of mine. Furthermore, the eccentric designs of Vivienne Westwood and the elegance of Vera Wang are ideas I could put my own twist on.

2) Own the basics. A pair of black skinny jeans can go a long way. As does a LBD. I feel like the colour black is a necessity to have a lot of in your wardrobe because there's so much you can do with it - anything goes and you can mix and match a lot easier. Or at least a monochrome colour scheme somewhere in there. Build from the simplicity of more neutral colours to create a more intricate, detailed statement in your outfit.

3) Wear clothes that fit well. This may seem obvious but coming from someone who has the physique which is not typical of a 17 year old, it's important to wear clothes that fit well. I always see clothes that I love the look of, try it on and then realise how hideous it actually looks on my body because it doesn't fit right. So always try clothes on before you buy them, and if it doesn't fit then don't waste your money on it.

4) Be confident. This is probably the most attractive and essential thing. Wear your clothes with confidence and you will feel 100x better. Being confident in general is incredibly important and can open a lot of doors - when it comes to fashion it's that step between wearing something plain and boring, and something that actually gives you an identity and a personality. We only have one life so we should do what we want in order to be happy - and that includes wearing that daring item because why the hell not?

I'm no fashion guru but I hope this helped you channel your inner Chanel.

"Life's too short to wear boring clothes."

x x x

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